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Preparing for a presentation or job interview? Need help translating a document from French to English, or editing a document you wrote in English? Contact us today!

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We’ll edit documents you’ve written, or translate from French to English.

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Coaching for job interviews, presentations, conference speeches, oral exams, etc.

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With the help of English Success Pro, you can have an English Expert guide you to success!

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What clients have to say:

Learn Professional English Online |

I really appreciated taking English class with Tammy. She helped me prepare my presentations for the professional development training I gave to employees at my company. Tammy edited my speeches so that I was sure to use correct grammar and native English expressions. She helped me correct my pronunciation as well. It was a pleasure working with her.
Gabriella (Brazilian)

Learn Professional English Online |

I started English class with Tammy in the hopes of improving my listening skills. She has been very helpful in showing me the best ways to study and by picking out resources that are specifically adapted to my professional goals. With her help I’ve improved my listening skills and learned professional English expressions I can use in my work.
Paolo (Italian)

Learn Professional English Online |

Tammy’s teaching style is very open and she makes sure to focus the lesson on the exact things that we need to learn to achieve our professional goals. She also adapts the learning subject by identifying what matters to you. She noticed that I wanted to learn some of the more subtle elements of English, so she helped me find the precise words I was missing in the English I use every day. I appreciated my class with her and would recommend her to other professionals who wish to improve their English.
– Jean-Michel (French)

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I want everyone to feel confident speaking and writing in English at work.Tammy Sas-Mayaux
(Owner of English Success Pro)

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